Update on the Indiegogo campaign

This is my first time ever doing a crowdfunding campaign, and it's been a great experience so far. I've gotten so much encouragement from people, and have been amazed and thankful to receive such generous contributions from folks.

I've had a couple of people who have pointed out that it's a "big ask," and yes, $160,000 is a fair chunk of change. We've set that goal because the land we want to buy is $150,000, and we need to also be able to cover the costs of the campaign itself (fulfillment of Perks and the percentage Indiegogo takes.) That said, however, I want to emphasize a couple of very important points:

1. This campaign is about buying a specific lot that is currently available and ideal for what we

The lot

want to do. We have other funding that will be coming down the pike later, with a couple of investors already confirmed. However, we're still in negotiations as to the best way to bring one of them on board, and the other won't be ready to invest for at least a couple of months. We also have a couple of other investor pitch opportunities we're pursuing, but these won't happen until late in the fall. The point, then, is that the lot could sell before we finalize these investments. That's why we decided to do crowdfunding NOW.

2. Even if we don't raise the whole amount, as long as we can come up with an acceptable down payment, we'll be able to buy the lot by getting a loan for the balance. So obviously, the bigger the down payment, the better off we'll be. Even if all we raise is earnest money, it will get the purchase rolling.

So, if you've been considering contributing but feel like it would just be a drop in a very large bucket, please know that your contribution WILL make a difference.

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