We're all about water.


Sustainable water is sustainable life.

By doing your laundry with us, you're helping

to conserve, harvest, and creatively use and reuse water. 

We're developing our sustainable water program in 3 major phases:

Phase 1

Water purification & reuse

Our state-of-the-art filtration system is going to allow us to purify and reuse up to 90% of our greywater.

Rainwater harvesting

Catching water off our roof and then purifying and integrating it with our municipal water supply will help to soften laundry wash water for superior cleaning and longer life for your clothes and our machines.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Greenhouse & community garden 

Our building will have an attached greenhouse that also serves as a seating area. In it will be lemon and other beautiful food-producing trees, and aromatic, therapeutic plants like lavender.


The community gardens & orchard will be places for people to to gather and grow things together, and will feature food plants as well as flowers. 

Phase 3

Solar power

We'll use the power of the sun to heat our water.